Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SWTLaughinLivinLovin - Sweet Thought for 2013 - Perspective

Something that is big looks small from this perspective and something that is small looks big. Showing off my nail job too. Happy faces.

Swee-T Thought for 2013

Empowering Beauty Inside & Out

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Often times we are concerned with the things we put in or on our bodies. From the food that we eat to the clothes on our back, but there is an important factor in our lives we forget or take for granted....Perspective. 

Our perspective of life IS the quality of ours lives.

 It is not a new car, house or clothes that will improve or demote the enjoyment we get from our lives, it's how you see yours.

Think about it, a new year comes around and people are making resolutions and are filled with this hope about what the coming year has for them. Sadly, the last five years have been the same for some. Yet others have had awesome experiences.

 What is the difference? The difference is that the person experiencing the same things year after year are waiting and expecting things to happen to them. Almost a mystical belief. The person having an awesome experience each year, all year, not only are they NOT waiting for things to happen to them. They are MAKING things happen for them. I've heard it said it's insane to do the exact same thing expecting differnt results. This year make it a practice to examine how you view things. From relationships to circumstances. Make it a point to examine each and every thought that comes to mind. Toss out the negative thoughts and CHOOSE to embrace positive thoughts. It might not be easy at first but if you keep trying it will become second nature. Your perspective is influenced by upbringing, circles of friends and current circumstances. 

We all live in the same world, but everyone has a different experience in it. Why? It's all about perspective. It's perspective that causes one man from the ghetto to go on and become a PHD, and the other man stays and dies in the ghetto.

So this year think about your perspective on everything from love to life and consider what the circumstance would be like if you changed your perspective on it. It's not the world that has to change, it's your mind that has too.

To watch and listen to more about "Perspective" check out a recent video: 

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***All rights reserved it is ok to re-post just attach my link to the re-post per copyright law*****

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