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March Swee-T Thought: Fear vs. Faith

February's Sweet Thought about "Power of Your Words" ( ).

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Fear vs. Faith

Hi Sweeties,

Today's illustration says it all and is loaded with meaning.  The struggle between doubt and fear vs faith, hope and peace is something every human being has to deal with at some point or another.

Whether it's issues about finances, job, family, relationships or living life in general we all have had to make choices on which direction we would  choose to go.

On one hand, you have life staring you in the face with all of it's difficulties and slaps every moment telling you to embrace it's negative clutches.

On the other hand we have the nature of the All Mighty & Powerful One and True LIVING God wrapped into our DNA.  This DNA has the Laws and the Likeness of His character built within it.   It's that voice that says there is more for you, there is better for you.

So here we find ourselves struggling with our realities and this God Given Nature that whispers to us that "we should be doing better".  Whether that is relationships, finances or hopes and dreams.

In my own life I have struggled with the age old question.  What AM I here for?  What is my purpose in this life?  Why do I still feel this void that there is something else I am supposed to be doing?

So, I found myself trying to make my way in life.  Trying to achieve something in order to receive validation that I mattered in this spec in the vast universe.  I have been in a place of giving everything I had, to accomplish certain goals and was met with failure.  From that everything I put my hands to ( though I execute jobs efficiently) there is always a nagging fear...what if this fails too.

One thing I have learned is that Fear is not Real.  Sure, times come where I don't put this into practice, but I do purposely make an effort to guard and examine, filter and correct my thoughts.  It's something that we have to train our brains to do.

I realized it's silly to worry, put an effort towards, spend time and energy on something that has not happened is insanity.  

I rehearse the MANY times I faced difficulities and God saw me through it and showed me that everything would be alright.

The answer to how to battle fear is to CHOOSE to disregard the thought that is causing the fear.

I will CHOOSE to have a positive attitude and faith about this situation.
I will CHOOSE to trust God, no matter the outcome
I will CHOOSE to hold on to Peace no matter what is going on around me.

It's the concept God has been trying to get us to understand since the beginning of time.

We all make choices but do we make the right choices.  Do we make the right choices understanding the power of the moment we are in. God has not promised us a tomorrow but what we do have is right now.

The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day.

We are making decisions about getting out of bed, brushing our teeth, how to handle someone who is working our last nerve.  We make these thoughts on auto-pilot.

Unfortunately,  when we keep rehearsing the SAME thought patterns, especially negative ones.  We are training and hard wiring our brain to respond the same way.

It's time to rewire our brains.  CHOOSE to be positive.  CHOOSE to think positive and CHOOSE to tell yourself positive things.  Disregard thoughts that cause you fear.  Fear causes depression, to have a false view about ourselves and others.

I even heard someone say that if we are in fear that we can't even love God perfectly, because perfect LOVE casts out ALL fear.


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