Sunday, April 21, 2013

GiveAway Sofia Vegara Stilleto Booties of Modern Family TV Show Open to ...

Hi Sweeties,

Today I have another GIVEAWAY.............Open to June 1st........

MizT6961 -- What was she INTRIGUED BY?
Comment:  SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV sent Me/ ????????

SaniyaOreme71-What did she get that Always uses?
Comment:  SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV sent Me/ ????????

SashaMoniqueTalks- What couldn't she figure out how to open?
Comment:  SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV sent Me/ ????????

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What your pimples say about your health

The traditional chinese doctor believed that the condition of your internal organs will always reflected in different parts of your face. Hence, the where is your pimples and acnes grow on your face, could also act as a reference to understand what goes wrong inside your body!

If the annoying pimples grow on...
This means that you there is lots of "heat" in your body and some issue on your blood circulation. Reason being you have been over-worked yourself and you have not get enough necessary rest or STRESS, thus causing you to have a bad temper. To curb this issue, get more rest and sleep and drink plenty of water. If it is between your eyebrows, pay some attention to your respiratory system. 

If it grows along your nose's bridge, it could indicate that your spine is having some problems. If it is at the middle bridge of your nose, the problem may be related to your liver and gallbladder. It will be your digestive system that you need to pay attention to if it grows at the center of the nose and reproductive system if is at the side of your nose. Bottom of your nose indicating your urinary system. 

Hormone changes that will cause these pimples to grow at your chin. Especially during menstruation, girls easily have these pimples growing around the lips.

Left cheek: 
It could be due to liver is not functioning as smoothly as it should be, and your detoxification process is not as proper as it should! Causes for this could be a habit of staying up late and drinking.

Right cheek:
Indication by respiratory system, it cold be sign of flu!

Article from Taiwan Lian He Weekly News Publication

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweet Life: Getting Individual Eye Lash Extensions Swee-tBeauty.Com

This is my first experience getting Individual Eye Lash Extensions.  They last from 3 weeks to 4 weeks.  So far I do like the look but they were uncomfortable sleeping in the first 3 days.

Sweet Life: From Big Afro to Two (2) Strand Twists / Natural Styles - Swee-tBeauty.Com

This was a big day for me.  I experience anxiety just thinking about doing my hair or picking my next hair style.  It was nice to take a breather today and let my afro run free.  It really is it's own entity.  I enjoyed the looks and stares because my hairtstyle is rarely seen in this part of Hollywood.   Never the less I struted around town.  Finally I got to "My's house" and after a few "Wooo Look at all that hair" and a couple of looks of dred she began hooking me up.  At first I originally wanted a braided corn row updo style.

So after a couple of hours of washing my hair twice and blow drying it.  It was time to style it.  I started thinking of the traction bumps I might get from tight braiding, then I decided well maybe we can have the cornrow style but do it with flat twists.

So she began doing the flat twists then decided to just do the loose two strand twists on top in the front first. After she did that I decided let's just loose twist all my hair up cause I can still achieve any one of the above styles.  So in the coming weeks I will post pics of my hair styles as I create them.  Today I'm just chillin in my two (2) strand twists.  However, next time I do them blow drying.

More on this (below) Style coming up.

Sweet Life: Work Week OOTD's Swee-tBeauty.Com

I have been in such a rush in the mornings I have not been able to take pics of everything, everyday but here are a few this week. ;0)

Sweet Box Prize to Mizt6961 YouTube

Mizt6961 just WON the above Sweet Box stuffed with MakeUp, Novelty Items and the Grand Prize an Envelope Clutch Purse.

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