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1:11 111 11 1's seeing this everywhere, is God telling you something?

The Bible Series /Seeing Numbers 111, 222, 333 / Number Sequences/ Ancient Aliens / Sound Frequency/ Hebrew Letters

Published on Mar 10, 2013


The Holy Spirit spoke a Word for me to search out but I don't have the full understanding. SOUND FREQUENCY (See my previous video Power of Thoughts and it's mention). I started research and found the power of sound frequency Dr. Masura Emoto Experiment. I'm a musician. Music carries sound frequencies from the Throne of God in Heaven or demonic. The numbers have something to do with the words we speak, the sound frequencies of praise, and the holy language the letters = #'s and creates a sound. Also, to be careful not to be confused with communication from Fallen Angels disguised as biblical reference Nephillim (Ancient Aliens = Fallen Demonic Angels). The Devil wants to be like God so he takes the truth and twists it cause he wants followers. Honestly the quickest way to touch the thrown of God is with a pure, revert, worshipful and tender heart towards the Lord and His Son the ONLY way to Him is through the Jesus Christ Gate. Yeshua Hamashak. Lucifer was the Worship leader, HEAD OF MUSIC Frequencies in Heaven. God YHWH, I AM THAT I AM, Elohim created a family through Jesus Christ/ Yeshua Hamashiak and those that believe have taken Lucifers Place so the Power of our Song and Praise to the Lord in Worship defeats devils. The torah instruments of Music in Worship in Old Testament Times Were Commanded of God notice these numbers Lev.23:23-25, Num. 10:10, Psalm 81:1-3, 1 Chron.25:1-2, 2 Chron. 29:25-30, Neh.12:24-46, 2Chron.8:14, thank you Jon I will have to do another video soon about this. Any revelation will help.

a response to a reader:
Pt 1- Hi I read all of what u said & thank you so much for sharing it never surprises me the testimonies that I hear. All the testimonies seem familiar to my own when I hear them :0) I posted another video shortly after this 1 called "The Bible Series /Seeing Numbers 111, 222, 333 / Ancient Aliens / Sound Frequency/ Hebrew Letters ". At the time I posted this I did have a lil something in mind of what I thought it could be. I have personally had encounters with this type of being..

Pt 2 - one thing I have learned alot about are angels and one thing seems consistent which I do believe my call is to put it all out there, most people don't know there are 2 types of angles. Their character is completely different. There are Nephillim/ Fallen Angels/ Witnesses of all creation at it's full/ Advanced in technology and Information/ Helpers that created Stone henges across the world and pyramids which most call them Ancient Aliens, but they speak as if they are peaceful beings...

Pt 3- at the the core they are not their character is to bring glory to themselves to be worshiped which is exactly why they were kicked out of heaven in the first place. Their intelligence and "seemingly" advances are mimicking exactly what they saw in heaven. Earth is a carbon copy reflection of Heaven. Heaven is a big busy city with out the presence of evil. People have jobs, etc but they praise "I Am" Yeshua. So the fallen angels bring glory to themselves and dangle "carrots" if you ..

 Pt 4- will to us spirits in Human form to lead our eyes and faith to be in them and not the "Father of creation, the ONE, Yeshu". The fallen angels hate us as humans as we are eternal beings like them created for the intention of sonship. "The One" broke off a little bit of Spirit off of Himself and sent it into a human form after the mother and father have coitus. This is why we are designed and wired to know there is something greater than ourselves, because greatness lives inside of you..

Pt 5 - the goal of the Nephillim/ Ancient Alien/ Fallen Angels is to get as many people in a position of being locked out of the a peaceful eternity in Heaven which was created for us as a gift from the Father of Love. The intention is to try to create eternity on earth with trans-humanism, and mechanical parts, a goal of trying to live forever on earth vs going to a lake of fire. In fact you as a human are in a HIGHER position than any fallen angel but they don't want us to know that....

Pt 6- worship belongs to ONE TRUE and LiVING GOD, One we can have a connection and intimacy with and allow HIM to open us up the the TRUTH of the SuperNatural, it's easy to become ONE with YESHUA because we came from HIm in the first place, LOVE, severe the ties with the Prince of the Air/ Nephillium and rather than self worship and Nephilim worship all that you have selflessly done for others will be put onto an account n the Lambs Book of Life. He Loves You cause YOU ARE WORTH DIEING FOR. ;0)

Pt 7- After my great awakening N2 Love & Peace I had an encounter with the Black Reptile. He was sitting n an all white room no furniture except a throne made of stone. He was pure black w/ reptillian skin, He looked @ me w/ a smerk as if I would b back w/ him 1 day & he let out a chilling laugh then he took his long black fingernail & slowly scratched my arm when I woke up the scratch was still there & I could feel that dark presence. I didn't know how 2 fight spiritually then w/ Gods words.

check out a show called Sid Roth It's Supernatural / then search for videos about heaven, nephillum, miracles ytube search sid roth / Best Videos of Encounter with Jesus, Angels

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 Hi Sweeties, Today I have a vlog about my experiences with numbers, double and triple numbers.

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The Bible Series /Seeing Numbers 111, 222, 333 / Number Sequences/ Ancient Aliens / Sound Frequency/ Hebrew Letters

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Transition from Micro Braids to Micro Sisterlocks Journey

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Hi Sweeties,

This is the start of my 3rd set of locs journey. Each time they have gotten smaller. So this time I went as small as you can possibly go. To avoid the shrinkage i added the extension hair to keep my length and enjoy my hair from start.

The type of hair I am using can be found on His And Her Hair Company site:
Tight afro kinky
I did a previous video how to create dredlock extensions

Enjoy 

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