Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swee-T Music : Back in the Recording Studio

Seven years ago, I swore off ever doing anything with my music again.  I jokingly say my 17 year relationship with the music industry was like a bad boyfriend.

Like most things that you love to do and were born to do, it draws you back in.  Before, my whole life's goal was getting that record deal.  35 girl groups, deals with major labels on the table. Quitting the group thing and doing the solo thing.  Doing the solo thing in L.A. "Trying" to be who I thought the labels would like.  Getting hit on by slimy execs.  My body for a record deal offers.  I was done!!!

Now 100 lbs heavier and comfortable with who I have become.  I have adopted this I don't care attitude.  It must be because I am approaching the "Woman of a Certain Age" age as Wendy Williams would call it (smile).  I have really learned alot about life and have formed opinions about it and how to interact with people in the process.

Just recently, I have run across some talented musically creative people and they all kept saying the same thing.  They do what they do because they love it, it's life, they have to do it!  I realize that was a message just for me.  I prayed for certain opportunities to come up and they did.

So yesterday was my first day back in the lab.  I was nervous at first.  I walked in there with a new mindset.  I was doing this for me.  Not expecting a record deal, but because I love the art.  What a big deal this is to me.  I have never been more comfortable and excited about my music.

I created the track, I wrote the lyrics and melody a week prior to my studio time.  When I recorded I loved the confidence knowing it was all me that created it.  It was truly anointed.  There are things I still need to go back and tweek, the the final result was awesome.

Thank you Lord God.  Thank you for this opportunity to be excited about something again.  I love YOU, for YOU.  Thank you for constantly and patiently teaching me to love me for me as I am in You....Faults and all.

Stay tuned for the release of my new track "Your Love".....visit:
I will be pulling down for retire alot of those tracks soon as I am now #STARTINGOVER

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