Friday, December 20, 2013

Africans Natural Blonde Hair

x We really are "A People of Color" The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands - east of Papua New Guinea - are very dark-skinned - Please note that these people are NOT Albinos. A look back into time. The First wave of human Migration These people are desended from aboriginal people who left Africa some 70,000 years ago in pre history, they travelled along the coast line from eastern africa, Arabia india, Bangaladesh to south east asia ending up in what is now Indonesia, Papua New Ginea, and Australia. Some of these earle human type continues into the Figi islands and Melenesia (Which is named after then- Melenin is the pigment that results in dark skin) and into the pacific and were later Joined there by later waves of early mogolian types migrating down to create the polynesian people of hawaii and Samoe. These original people of south east asia still retain display the proto-gene for blond colouration of hair in early man. These people are very rare. Black skin people with naturally blond hair. Strange but True. There whole idea that blondness being some special aryan trait that makes them somehow superior to other groups is dare I say nonsence. It is just more common in euroasian people. Thats all.

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