Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dredlocks, Sisterlocks, Starter Locs, Locs - How I get rid of Dandruff / Cradle Cap/ Seborrheic Dermatitis

 Greetings Sweeties,

First I would like to compliment all the folks out there who have posted info on how to get rid of this stuff.  Unfortunately, THERE IS NO COOKIE CUTTER WAY TO DEAL.  So anyone who has ever experienced Dandruff / Cradle Cap/ Seborrheic Dermatitis while Loc'd will really have to try a few different methods until they see what works for them because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

So what I will do today is give you a few ideas on things you COULD try, and let's see what sticks...or not sticks in our cases.

SO, second let me say my photo above is my current 3rd set of Locs.  My first set I shaved off bald cause they were heavy and thick NO DERMATISIS, my 2nd set dealing with an onset of Diabetes, I HAD DERMATITIS/ Cradle Cap, it freaked me out and I didn't care to even find out what it was I picked my locs out with 20 bottles of 99cent store conditioner and a safety pin, latch hook, pencil anything I could find, it took me 4 months to completely unlock my hair..........after that NO MORE DERMATITIS/ Cradle Cap.  I realized largely cause I wasn't washing my hair enough.  With loose hair, My scalp was misted everyday with water and washed once a week..............Then I had an AHHH HAAAA moment, "I guess I didn't have to take the locs out and just treat my hair as I did with loose hair".  That brings me to today with my tini tiny microbraided locs.  I didn't want to loose my length this time starting out and I like the versatility of this size.  Anywho,  when I decided to start these in the summer of 2013 with alot of length and thickness already I started them because I was working 6-7 days a week , 10-14 hour days, yes CHA CHING, but my hair and scalp TO THE PITS.  Why?  Cause I wasn't misting, washing and pro..du...ct...ing (new word) like I usually would.  Working that many hours WHO has time for hair, so the cradle cap came back.  WHY?:

Disclaimer:  I would NOT USE apple cider vinegar due to the PH balance issues See Kimmaye tube video below it will just irritate it even more.
My experience is #1 - 4, other tips to get rid of the dandruff will be #5 and after.
  1.  Have you EVER heard of Candida, something that EVERYONE HAS.   However, what most people have but don't really they are OVERPRODUCING yeast in thier body.  Bad eating habits, to much meat (causes parasites by the way), breads, sugars makes the yeast organisms go BONKERS.  You will start having everything from weight gain to eczema to respiratory issues, IT's the ROOT OF CANCER, DIABETES AND HEART DISEASE, the LIST IS LONG  HERE's a link to check out more:  http://www.thecandidadiet.com/candidasymptoms.htm .  So, I found out about this years ago and beat it.  All the extreme fatigue , brain fog, headaches, eczema I experienced WENT AWAY!!!!! after doing the Candida diet.   I even LOST 40 lbs.  ....then I went back to my old ways not realizing I have to make eating like that a lifestyle....forget my hair, but my body is telling me HOW THESE ORGANISMS WANT TO KILL ME.  If you are dealing with any  of these symptoms and you want to see if you have them I would suggest going on a Candida Free diet for 2 weeks to see if any symptoms change,  INCLUDING Cradle Cap/ Dermatitis.   Your health is far more important than beauty issues.  Candida....VS  you ?  ,It manifests itself in your or ON your body is pretty much  screaming through a bullhorn and I'm trying to kill you. So check it out, you might find other ailments going away.
  2. So, not eating right, stressing , and not exercising , lack of sleep OVERCOURSE the Cradle Cap/Dermatitis came back.  Was internal MEDICINE pills AN OPTION FOR ME?  yes, there are medicines out there but Medicine and any Pharmaceutical causes more health problems.  So it will bandaid if you will the Dandruff / Cradle Cap/ Dermatitis issue and ignore the bigger picture.  That your hair was trying to save your life by letting you know something is wrong internally.  So, NO I wouldn't do medicine.  JUST CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS, your body will thank you for it. 
  3. I realize in some cases having Locs will cause you to become organic in someway even the food you eat. 
  4. So, I started my locs with the cradle cap and all and as I stated in a previous video it will NOT just be constant washing  (Band your hair in sections then wash your scalp dry then add water as to not lose the newly retight-end look), I will be changing my diet that is what will make it go away ultimately.  Coupled with my weekly wash routine and daily misting/ spritzing.  I also use Sulfur 8 products ...all of them for now (I like the smell but most people hate it). So, it's undercontrol even with this coldsnap of weather we are having here in Southern California, yep it's jacket time.
  6. Some people use a Black Sharpie Marker to color the white flakes -  I don't suggest that!
  7. You could use a safety pin to pick it out and toothbrush to brush out.
  8.  So,if you are pretty much like Swee-T , shut up ...here are some y other peoples suggestions to check out:

laughter is always good medicine....not your oridinary my little ponies...lol

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