Thursday, February 27, 2014

Micro Braids to Sisterlock Journey Ep 8 - My 3 Pros of Wearing Locs- ( Fun things to do in LA with Kids -Griffith Park)


I hope you enjoy my Vlog on my Top Reasons why I Love My Locs.  

1) I don't have to worry about my weave tracks showing when the wind blows

2) I can have a fancy hairdo in 5 min with bobby pins

3) The comparisons seems to have stopped.  In my neighborhood I notice other
Afro American Females write me off as "on something else" cause I don't look like the
norm.  Although, I have been seeing ALOT of naturals popping up in my area.

4) I can wear alot of different hair styles

5) I don't run from the rain or cold air to save my hair

6) I can go swimming without really interupting my hair do

Griffith Park
On another note.  I am a bit of a hermit by nature.  Since having my lil' one who has shown signs of extroversion since she was 1 years old.  I have been forced to get out of my shell and keep her entertained.  I have found that I actually enjoy seeing Los Angeles and doing things here I didn't do before she was born.  One place I love to take her is Griffith Park to go horse back riding.  When you exit the freeway, it's the first right turn (when you see the big water fountain).  Keep going straight down until you see parking and the horse ranch.  Ages 1 year to about 8 (depending on weight) can ride slow horses, fast horses, big horses, carriage rides, etc.  My daughter has been riding solo since she was 1 years old (they strap the baby on the horse- very secured - slow pony).  She now age 6 gets on the faster ponies for $3 a ride.  The horse goes around the track about twice.  I would suggest getting there when they open around 10am when the lines are small.  About $15 will have your child busy for about 45 minutes.  

After the pony rides, there are small stands to eat from and a mini- train ride $2 per person.  My lil one has a ball when we go.

If you want to make a day of it.  Get your GPS or the map and drive around the park to the other side to Travel Town.  To see the Train Museum and Bigger Train Rides.  You can even have a birthday party or picnic there.

There is a giant Merry Go Round a ways up the road.

Also, the LA Zoo is in this big circle called Griffith Park

and the Observatory.

There is a park in the center with the traditional monkey bars, slides and places to eat.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Micro Braids to Sisterlock Journey Ep 7 - Added Color to Loc Extensions ...

Stalking her Style: Lupita Nyong'o Fashion

Lupita Amondi Nyong'o (born 1 March 1983) is an actress and film and music video director of dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship.[2] She appeared in Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave (2013) as Patsey, for which she received critical acclaim. For her role, Nyong'o won the Screen Actors Guild and Critics' Choice Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and was nominated for the Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
Nyong'o was born in Mexico City, Mexico,[3][4][5] to Dorothy and Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, a politician in Kenya.[6] It is a Luo tradition to name a child after the events of the day, so her parents named her Lupita (a diminutive of "Guadalupe," Our Lady of Guadalupe).[7] She is of Luo descent and is the second of six children.[8] Her father was the former Kenyan Minister for Medical Services. At the time of Lupita's birth, he was a visiting lecturer in political science at El Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City,[8][9] and her family had been living in Mexico for three years.
Nyong'o moved back to Kenya with her parents when she was less than one year old,[7] when her father was appointed a professor at the University of Nairobi.[8] She grew up primarily in Kenya, and describes her upbringing as "middle class, suburban".[9] At age sixteen, her parents sent her back to Mexico for seven months, to learn Spanish.[7][10] During those seven months, Nyong'o lived in Taxco, Mexico, and took classes at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico's Learning Center for Foreigners.[10]

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healing from a broken Childhood Heart: Forgiving Christ forgave you Don't Die of a Broken Heart

You can die of a Broken Heart.....
Let God heal you! 

A broken heart is not just reserved for the loss of a intimate relationship between two lovers.  Starting from childhood, we can experience Heart Break.  To a child the simplest thing to an adult can be a life changer to a child.  The abandonment of a parent, teasing by other kids, scorning words by adults, a death...... Have you experienced any of these things in your life?  God has been taking me on a HEART WRENCHING mental tour of my past and visits to deep caverns in my heart for the last few weeks.  My mind has truly seen some dark days recently.  I know how God talks to me and communicates with me.  It wasn't until today, looking up from my tears that God had a purpose for allowing my mind to go to these places.  He wants to heal me.  I had been asking for healing, but obviously the issue existed or the pain wouldn't be so much.  Today, God spoke to me through a TV on SID with guest John McTernan - it dawned on me Lord you have been pointing out to me what YOU intended to heal.  So It's 3:33am in the morning and I am up.  Lord, I am hear, teach me what I need to do to be healed from all the heartbreak I have experienced since childhood.  For I know until I can be truly healed my life will go in a continual circle.  As I learn I will share with you...... -With Love Swee-T
SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV

Another womans story
 in Cosmopoitan magazine "Can You Really Die Of A Broken Heart?"

"People mourning the loss of a loved one are six times more likely to suffer cardiac arrest, potential proof that you can die of a broken heart, say Australian researchers.

According to an Australian Heart Foundation study of the physical changes suffered immediately after a profound loss, grieving people are at significantly higher risk of heart problems."

"We found higher blood pressure, increased heart rate and changes to immune system and clotting that would increase the risk of heart attack," said lead author Thomas Buckley a nurse and medical scientist at the University of Sydney."

An article in the Daily Mail Online Health Section "Can you die from a broken heart?" By Jerome Burne wrote this: New research reveals grief and marital strife could be as much a cause of heart trouble as obesity and cholesterol. A plea for a recognition of the central role emotions play in heart disease - what has been called psychocardiology - has just been published in a book by leading US cardiologist Dr Mimi Guarneri.

"We feel with our hearts, we love with our hearts, we can die of a broken heart," she writes. "The most difficult job for a cardiologist is not picking the right medication but instilling in someone a passion for their life." Read more...

Healing from a Broken Childhood Heart - How to Forgive yourself 1st step

When you are ready to forgive yourself, there are six steps that I’ve found very helpful in helping me on the path to self-forgiveness.  Perhaps they will help you in your struggle to let go of you past mistakes and embrace forgiveness:
Six Steps Toward Forgiving Yourself
1.   Take out a sheet of paper and write your name at the top.  Now take some time to think about all of those things you’ve never let go of in your past that you haven’t forgiven yourself for.
2.   Write down what those transgressions are and who you hurt; how you hurt them, etc.  Was it verbal or physical abuse?  Dishonesty? Neglecting someone you cared about? Betrayal? Rejection? Theft? Rape? Lying? Addiction? Adultery?
3.   Write down how you feel about yourself because of these unresolved feelings over your past mistakes.  Be very honest with yourself.  Although you may have made amends or been forgiven by others, do you still feel unworthy?  God knows how you feel and He sees your heart.  Express on paper how you feel and let the emotions flow – release them!
4.   Decide to forgive yourself.  Forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision of the will and one of the greatest Gifts from God.  He has told us to forgive and that He will give us the power to do so – but it all begins with the decision to do so.
5.   Take your list to God and acknowledge your forgiveness to Him.  “Lord, I come to You today and give up my unforgiveness.  I forgive myself for ____________________.  At this moment, I choose not to hold these offenses against myself, but put them into Your Hands.  God, heal my emotional wounds and help me to be able to move forward without regrets and help me to let go of the past and start fresh.  God give me the ability to  offer upliftment and comfort to someone else with the same comfort you have given me.   I release my past sins of ____________into Your Hands.”
6.   Destroy the list in private.  This visual exercise can be very freeing.  Whether you decide to shred it, burn it  or tear it up and scatter it in the trash, imagine your past mistakes being destroyed and floating away in the same manner.
This is what it means to be “born again.”  The Lord doesn’t want us to dwell on what has happened before – our lives as Christians are about who we are now and in the future, walking in forgiveness and love.  So give yourself a wonderful gift that is free of charge and yet priceless this year – forgive yourself!
Heavenly Father,
Alone with You in this moment of meditation and prayer, I release any unresolved feelings of resentment or regret.
Help me through this process of healing.
I release to you any unresolved feelings that I have toward myself.  I understand that not forgiving myself is disobedience toward you.
Forgive me for any pain that I have caused in the lives of others.  Forgive me for not letting go of the past and moving forward in love.
I experience now the relief of forgiveness to the depths of my being.
Heavenly Father, I acknowledge and give thanks for Your love that strengthens me, comforts and soothes me emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
In the complete fullness of Your Love, I can and do forgive myself.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for healing my heart and bringing Joy and Meaning back into my life.
In the Name of Jesus, Amen.
This is a new beginning releasing the past and embracing forgiveness. Forgiveness opens the door to the enrichment of all our relationships so that they flourish with understanding and love. With the forgiveness we express today we open the way to a brighter future.

Td Jakes.. New Rooms

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