Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healing from a broken Childhood Heart: Forgiving Others...as Christ forgave you Don't Die of a Broken Heart

You can die of a Broken Heart.....
Let God heal you! 

A broken heart is not just reserved for the loss of a intimate relationship between two lovers.  Starting from childhood, we can experience Heart Break.  To a child the simplest thing to an adult can be a life changer to a child.  The abandonment of a parent, teasing by other kids, scorning words by adults, a death...... Have you experienced any of these things in your life?  God has been taking me on a HEART WRENCHING mental tour of my past and visits to deep caverns in my heart for the last few weeks.  My mind has truly seen some dark days recently.  I know how God talks to me and communicates with me.  It wasn't until today, looking up from my tears that God had a purpose for allowing my mind to go to these places.  He wants to heal me.  I had been asking for healing, but obviously the issue existed or the pain wouldn't be so much.  Today, God spoke to me through a TV on SID ROTH.org with guest John McTernan - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/john-mcternan it dawned on me Lord you have been pointing out to me what YOU intended to heal.  So It's 3:33am in the morning and I am up.  Lord, I am hear, teach me what I need to do to be healed from all the heartbreak I have experienced since childhood.  For I know until I can be truly healed my life will go in a continual circle.  As I learn I will share with you...... -With Love Swee-T
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Another womans story
 in Cosmopoitan magazine "Can You Really Die Of A Broken Heart?"

"People mourning the loss of a loved one are six times more likely to suffer cardiac arrest, potential proof that you can die of a broken heart, say Australian researchers.

According to an Australian Heart Foundation study of the physical changes suffered immediately after a profound loss, grieving people are at significantly higher risk of heart problems."

"We found higher blood pressure, increased heart rate and changes to immune system and clotting that would increase the risk of heart attack," said lead author Thomas Buckley a nurse and medical scientist at the University of Sydney."

An article in the Daily Mail Online Health Section "Can you die from a broken heart?" By Jerome Burne wrote this: New research reveals grief and marital strife could be as much a cause of heart trouble as obesity and cholesterol. A plea for a recognition of the central role emotions play in heart disease - what has been called psychocardiology - has just been published in a book by leading US cardiologist Dr Mimi Guarneri.

"We feel with our hearts, we love with our hearts, we can die of a broken heart," she writes. "The most difficult job for a cardiologist is not picking the right medication but instilling in someone a passion for their life." Read more...

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