Thursday, February 27, 2014

Micro Braids to Sisterlock Journey Ep 8 - My 3 Pros of Wearing Locs- ( Fun things to do in LA with Kids -Griffith Park)


I hope you enjoy my Vlog on my Top Reasons why I Love My Locs.  

1) I don't have to worry about my weave tracks showing when the wind blows

2) I can have a fancy hairdo in 5 min with bobby pins

3) The comparisons seems to have stopped.  In my neighborhood I notice other
Afro American Females write me off as "on something else" cause I don't look like the
norm.  Although, I have been seeing ALOT of naturals popping up in my area.

4) I can wear alot of different hair styles

5) I don't run from the rain or cold air to save my hair

6) I can go swimming without really interupting my hair do

Griffith Park
On another note.  I am a bit of a hermit by nature.  Since having my lil' one who has shown signs of extroversion since she was 1 years old.  I have been forced to get out of my shell and keep her entertained.  I have found that I actually enjoy seeing Los Angeles and doing things here I didn't do before she was born.  One place I love to take her is Griffith Park to go horse back riding.  When you exit the freeway, it's the first right turn (when you see the big water fountain).  Keep going straight down until you see parking and the horse ranch.  Ages 1 year to about 8 (depending on weight) can ride slow horses, fast horses, big horses, carriage rides, etc.  My daughter has been riding solo since she was 1 years old (they strap the baby on the horse- very secured - slow pony).  She now age 6 gets on the faster ponies for $3 a ride.  The horse goes around the track about twice.  I would suggest getting there when they open around 10am when the lines are small.  About $15 will have your child busy for about 45 minutes.  

After the pony rides, there are small stands to eat from and a mini- train ride $2 per person.  My lil one has a ball when we go.

If you want to make a day of it.  Get your GPS or the map and drive around the park to the other side to Travel Town.  To see the Train Museum and Bigger Train Rides.  You can even have a birthday party or picnic there.

There is a giant Merry Go Round a ways up the road.

Also, the LA Zoo is in this big circle called Griffith Park

and the Observatory.

There is a park in the center with the traditional monkey bars, slides and places to eat.

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