Friday, March 28, 2014

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Update: How I got rid of it / Chronic Dandruff - Anti-Inflammatory Food List (Diet)


As mentioned in my video.  I used Neutrogena T-Gel until it was gone to get rid of the dandruff/ seborrhoeic dermatits.  After a wash (putting the shampoo on a damp scalp and scratch and massaging in- letting it sit then washing it out).  I applied Liv Cream by Summit directly to my scalp as a conditioner by massaging it in.  I have been using Liv Cream for 20 years now.  It works for me I hope it works for you.  To twist my roots I used Organics Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel as well as Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel, both are no flaking lite gels.  All of this I did while on an anti-inflammatory diet which I list VARIOUS ways you can do your own.  I stay away from Wheat,  I look at the labels no wheat, whey, yeast products for me.  Good luck and I hope you find something that works with your body chemistry.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet-
The do's and don't of your food list.
Here is a great PDF as to WHY foods cause inflammation and What to eat:

Meal Suggestions 
Breakfast Options
Soft boiled, poached or gently fried omega
3 eggs and favorite vegetables and spices (a small serving of 
potatoes is okay if you are not carbohydrate sensitive). It 
is best to use organic virgin coconut oil for cooking eggs 
and potatoes. Olive oil would be the next best option.
3 egg omelet with favorite vegetables and spices. You can pour marinara or pasta sauce over the omelet. 
Lightly dust the omelet with your favorite cheese 
when you add the sauce, it tastes like a pizza.
If you wish to have oatmeal or grits, add a couple tablespoons of ground up chia seeds* or flaxseeds, some rai­
sins (or berries or favorite fruit
). You can also use chia seeds* after they have been soaked for about 10 minutes. 
It is best to sweeten this meal with fruit and to use water as the mixing fluid to avoid excess calories.
Favorite fruit topped with hulled hemp seeds and/or soaked/ground chia seeds.* Instead of the above
seeds, you can also use a quarter cup of your favorite nut that has been previously soaked in water. Blend the 
soaked nut with water and pour over the fruit. 
Meal Shake (
See Below)
*Chia seeds can be ordered from
Lunch and Dinner Options
A chicken, fish, or steak Caesar salad without croutons is an example of a 
meal that contains appropriate portions of vegetables and protein; it is a model 
meal that can be applied to all other meals when determining your vegetable 
and protein portions.
Chicken, fish, steak (or favorite lean meat) and steamed/sautéed vegetables 
with favorite spices. You can have a small portion of sautéed or baked potato. 
Have as much salad as you like.
Marinara  or  pasta  sauce  poured  over  broccoli,  onions,  and  meatballs  from 
lean chop meat. You can pour marinara or pasta sauce over other vegetables 
and animal protein sources of your choice.
Snack and Dessert Options
Any combination of your favorite fresh fruits
2 Tbsp of organic heavy cream over frozen cherries, blueberries, or favorite fruit
Dark chocolate, raisins, and raw almonds or favorite raw nut
Nuts are high in calories, so be sure to temper your nut consumption if your goal is to lose 
weight.  For  example,  1/4  cup  of  nuts  provides  about  170
200  calories.  When  eating  dark 
chocolate, try to use 50 calorie pieces, as chocolate is also high in calories.
Please realize that you may not have to significantly alter the meals you currently prepare. Simply substitute 
vegetables  for  grains,  bread,  and  pasta,  and  eat  more  fruit  (or  healthy  dessert/snack  options)  between 
meals. Clearly, there is no need to make deflaming a complicated or negative proc

What Does An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Do?
The anti-inflammatory diet is a blueprint for a lifetime of optimum nutrition. Simple changes in how you eat can help counteract chronic inflammation, a root cause of many serious diseases, including:

***There are many types of diet plans and lists with more items you can eat, you just have to do your research"
Amie’s Anti-Inflammatory Grocery Guide
Looking for a grocery list that’s Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Soy-Free that will help with internal inflammation? Here’s Amie’s must-have foods when shopping at the food store or farmers market to help control your inflammation.

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