Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun things to do in L.A. with your Kids : Griffith Park, LA Zoo, Balboa Park by Sugar Pi...

So my baby Sugar Pie is on a few adventures here in this video.  
We went to a Christmas celebration for the kids Dec 2013 at 
Hope's House Church in Northridge.  It was alot of fun.  
Alot of bouncy houses, food and games.  

Next Sugar Pie is at Balboa Park in Van Nuys.  For visitors this place is massive and there are alot of things to do.  Thousands of people frequent this park every day.  There is a soccer field and tennis across from the center park.  There is a Golf Course, connected but fenced off from the main activity park.  The Main activity park, there is a huge man made lake.  The Lake is great for fishing.  There are plenty of ducks, swans, geese, seaguls, pretty much what ever flies in.  There are bike rentals and family bike with two person pedals.  You are welcome to bring your bike as well.  Many people jog around the park about 5 miles.  Many people host birthday parties there and order bouncy houses.  BBQ pits are everywhere.

I bring my daughter up there to the play area.  It's pretty massive so you have to keep an eye on your child.  We take nature walks, feed the ducks, she rides her scooter, chalks.

The next segment is Griffith Park.  Griffith Park is also massive.  It contains the LA Zoo, a golf course, Merry Go Round, all the things I mentioned above you can do here.

Sugar Pie and I go to the horse stables first for independent pony rides.  She has been riding since 1 years old.  They really strap the babies in there.  For older kids they have different sized horses for each age and weight class.  The pony rides are $3 for each ride.  The medium fast horse goes around the track twice.  

Then we head on over to the small train ride which is $2 a ride.
There is also horse back riding for adults on the other side of the park.  You most definitely need a car to do all the activities here.  Stop by the LA Zoo, and Travel town, there is a train museum and big train ride.

There are plenty of things to do. ENJOY!

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