Monday, May 12, 2014

Solange beats up Jay Z in the elevator Ya'll - Is he cheating with model Claudia Scheelen, Beyonce left with Solange

He better watch out the Bey-Gency will get him.  (Saturday night live spoof of Beyonce fans)

  • Beyonce left in the car with Solange after the altercation
  • Beyonce empowered her sister by standing by and letting Solange beat up her husband
  • Solange is Hood! Go Girl!
  • Solange still looks fabulous leaving the elevator.

TMZ broke the story of a leaked video of Solange beating up Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala Ya'll - Is he cheating, cause Beyonce was standing there smilin'.  Solange was empowered to do so.  Beyonce was standing there like " Yea Yea what she said, get em sis", as I am sure every curse word known to man popped out of Solanges mouth.  Solange is Hood ya'll.  Don't even mess with her.


I know some people are saying Solange is crazy and toxic but I want to paint a different picture.  While Beyonce and Jay Z were dating and all the cheating rumors.  Beyonce making plenty'o songs about cheating men.  I wonder if the "Drunk in Love" singer has sobered up to some mis-behave- OR (lol) on Jay's part.

Beyonce is seen standing by while her sister physically attacks her husband.  What makes a coy woman stand by and allow this to happen unless you KNOW he did something unpleasing.

I think Solange was livid and for some reason and in some way standing up for her sister because like most little sisters she's the rowdy one.  I can't blame her I have found myself in a few situations like that.

Yes, I am Solo Style obsessed but I still think she had a heated reason for reacting this way.

I'm sure PR is all over this and stage vacation pics AFTER the fact will pop up to avoid the "He's Cheating " rumors that popped up with model Claudia Scheelen.  I think it makes them a little more human.  Like every single one of us we ALL have problems and everything is NOT perfect.

Maybe Beyonce will take some advice from Tina Cambell of the gospel group Mary Mary on the WE channel and  forgive and try to work out their problems.

Beyonce left in the car with Solange.

Jay-Z got 99 problems and Solange is Mos Definitely one....

Claudia should watch out cause...the BeyGency will get her.

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