Saturday, August 16, 2014


As an Afro American woman, the struggles of self acceptance is something we inherit at birth.  We are constantly shown images of waffe thin, blue eyed blonde haired women and we with darker skin, shapely bodies, darker eyes, and course hair are told our standards of beauty should match that of the woman I described earlier.  In America and most European countries in every poll Black Women are last on the list when measured up to the world's view of "Beauty Norms".  To make it plain it sucks to grow up thinking your ugly and people think so and wanting to be someone else just to barely meet a bottom bar of "World Beauty Standards". Because of this the Hair Weave industry is a BILLION Dollar industry.  We started wearing wigs in the 60's after integration and in order to get a job we had to fit "polished work standards and our hair became the NO's of the dress code list.  So we adopted wigs and weaves, Perms (which are cancerous) and straightening combs (like putting hot coals near your scalp) in effort to be more European. Also, a perception by the world that our hair CAN NOT's not true.

I appreciate that the natural hair movement has now begun to take flight yet again, since today's America is so mixed with many cultures that "MOST, but NOT all work places" will allow Afro textured hair to be worn without rules and restrictions.  However, we still have a fight on our hands because many corporations still consider our natural hair to be unkempt.

For this reason I am a Natural Hair Vigilante who is out to change the mindset of what beauty is one person at a time.  My facebook page is all about mind conditioning to the Beauty of Afro Textured Hair in it's natural state.  So let me share some of my favorite pics with you.



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